Yazzer Brau
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Barker is love, Barker is life.
Name Yazzer Brau
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Age 19
Professional Statistics
Team Tekken
Position Goal Player
Talent Drunken Player, stealing
First Appearance
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Yazzer is a main basketball player of Tekken. Yazzer was orphan who lost their parents and being taught by his dead old man about basketball His style is Druken mastermind-basketball who read famous player's movemnts and styles. He also Atushi's old friend when they were kids.

"If there is light,I shall devours the light with my darkness of liquid. If there is shadow,I will lock under the acid. As long there any drinking around out,you all cannot stop my great drunkest power." Yazzer to Atushi.


"No way! I also love cola because my heart is filled a sky of liquid upon the bired like heaven. I don't care if it's not unhealthly,this is my own life. What about you,Atushi!?"

When Yazzer was child,he didn't knew about his real parent because his old man was trying protecting him. As usual,he dosen't care about them,but he really does like him. Old man gave his name was Yazzer.Old man taught him about how to use and play basketball in normal way. In other way,Yazzer never won once over old man when he trained hard. Later,Yazzer always telling old man that he won't give up easily until he defeats him and old man laughed. Old man warned him to not gone soft when he showed his true secret style of a basketball. Yazzer was impressed by his secret powers and wanting learn more about it,but few days later his old man is dead for heart attack. Yazzer was cried loudly alone in the house. Until then,Yazzer was not giving up his basketball and train hard for his old man's style. Yazzer has acknowledge his style and wanting same his style for drunkest of drink. He drank cola,not healthly, everyday as he trained his own basketball.

Later,he leaves Sudan and goes to Amercia to become basketball street club for training.And thenhe went to Tokyo for his trip. He was training on his own at the basketball outside ground and it happens when 


Atushi and Yazzer

Yazzer met Atsuhi at outrside basketball ground when he was eight year old. They were played each other for practice. Yazzer looked at him when he ate some crisps and Yazzer asked him if he could pick some too. Atushi gave him and Yazzer thanked him before he tasted it. Yazzer gave him some water.Yazzer told Atushi his name and Atushi's name each other and become friends that never forget each other.

Yazzer also joining the basketball club called Tekken and become a member of them. In order becoming a player,he will become stronger and defeat Atushi in one day.


Yazzer was quiet,polite,funny,crazy and boring.


His style is Druknest basketball style.