Wills High
Wills High logo
Wills High logo
Region Tokyo
Captain Aoto Hashimoto
Coach Izumi Hashimoto
Manager Izumi Hashimoto
Jersey color Gold 2 Gold 1 Red 1

Wills High (or Wills Academy) is a private school that only allows the top students from certain middle schools to enroll. It is the location of the Rising Star, Aoto Hashimoto. It's a rather large high school that's located in the center of Tokyo.


Wills Academy is a rather new high school. It doesn't have a third year class just yet. They're slowly making new clubs and collecting awards in various sports such as basketball, tennis, and volleyball.

Basketball Club

The basketball club is new and only has a group of 1st and 2nd years. It is led by the coach, Izumi Hashimoto, a former pro player. He played on the international Japan team and holds his team to high standards. The team runs zone offense and spread offense that usually goes through their ace, Aoto.


Izumi Hashimoto

Coach, Manager
Ren Naminake
Ren Naminake1

#22 // SG
Akira Kishimoto
Akira Kishimoto1

#17 // SF
Kaito Kogo
Kaito Kogo1

#45 // C