The Dawn of the Knights





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Gang of Bikers

The Dawn of the Knights (騎士の夜明け Kishi no yoake) is a gang filled with Japanese bikers who were very famous in Tokyo because of their high speed in midnight every weekends.


  • They named the gang 'dawn' which symbolizes their darkest life experiences
  • They've' been discovered in school when people started seeing Kurosawa Mitsuru fighting with Hisakawa Kichirou in the school. Them both nearly killed themselves by stabbing with each others' needles in Science class during the dissection of rabbits.
  • Nakamura Jinichi is the founder along with Seirin Kiruko as a co-founder.
  • Seirin Kiruko is he only female member which everyone teases her about it. The members seen her as a matured woman while other strangers sees her as a chic.
  • There were 6 members who graduated college and a unknown jobs, 3 High school members and 14 college students.
  • Kurosawa Takeo is the brain of the group. He is now the manager of the group. He sometimes handles disciplinary.


  • Kurosuwa Mitsura is the no.1 biker in the gang. He is the best stunt maker.
  • The 6 other college students had a squad in Takahashi University.
  • They had a metal core band named, 'The Weeping Angels'.
  • Their secret lair is hidden in the Sugar Momma bakery shop.There is an iron door is mistaken as a stock of ingredients for the bread and sweets, but it was the elevator to the underground secret lair.
  • They've been doing the satanism ritual prayer. They sacrifice animals alive and the flesh goes to the meat shop of Bob.
  • Nice

    Other members gathering together

    The only way for a person to be accepted by the group is by answering a question; what is your best priority in life? The correct answer to be accepted is; a friend.