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Takahashi University (高橋大学, Takahashi Daigaku) is a famous international university in Tokyo. It only accepts Advanced Natural Talented Students that which posses great skills advantageously.

They had the Japan's famous basketball player, Mamoru Kobayashi. Which Mamoru is a former student.


  • Baseball Club Logo
  • Basketball Club Logo
  • Soccer ball Club Logo
  • Book Club Logo
  • Horseback riding Club Logo
  • Chemistry Club Logo
  • Math Club Logo
  • Art Club Logo
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  • Basketball Club
  • Baseball Club
  • Swimming Club
  • Soccer Club
  • Art Club
  • Chemistry Club
  • Math Club
  • Book Club
  • Music Club
  • Horseback riding Club
  • Photography Club
  • Football Club


  • Takahashi in kanji is 高橋, which means for "high bridge". It also represents the Golden Bridge in San Francisco for being internationally popular.
  • The Takahashi's american football team is exclusively the strongest sports team in Japan's college history.
  • The most consisting members of the club is soccer club. it consists of 203 members.
  • The numerous nationality students are: Asian (Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Filipino, Singaporean, Indian, Bengali, Bhutanese, Nepalese, Malaysian, etc.) 41%, European 8%, American 23%, Australian 28%
    • The outdoor view
    • The halls
    • The school's pool
    • The school's alpha dorm houses
    • The school's tennis court
  • The University was built for about 66 years longer.
  • They won in the Film Festival in Tokyo for creating a drama movie titled, "The Halls".
  • The popular squad of the school is also part of the Dawn of the Knights.
  • The most honored student in college is, Mamoru Kobayashi. For being a miraculous student by his right arm was bitten off by a shark, but continuously he continuous his journey to basketball being a one-armed player in Japan. The miraculous event once happen; he was able to throw the ball to basket in a whole-court shot by his one arm only. After graduating his college experiences,he mysteriously begun to disappear in Japan.

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