Sugatai Kuroko

Sugatai Kuroko is the son of Tetsuya Kuroko. He wears the number 11 and is San Jinsei High's Captain Point Guard


Middle School

Sugatai played when he was younger for San Jinsei Middle School, and wanted to continue in the High School Club, but saw that it didn't have a High School, so he wanted to go to another School, and discovered Seirin High School where he knew his father was playing when he was young. The day where he wanted to hand over to the principal his application, a girl named Akari Akiyama showed up and told him to create a new Basketball Team in San Jinsei High School. He then realized this girl was his best friend when he was a kid. They started to be friends again, and Sugatai did what she told him. They both were best friends again, and Akari started playing basketball with him too.

High School

After Sugatai created the new team, a lot of new players came, and he had difficulties playing with them because they were really bad at basketball. But after he was starting to know them, he helped them getting better. He then registered them for the Inter-High Competition and became their captain.


He looks basically like his father, but doesn't use misdirection (He can however use his fathers passing skills). His hair is a little longer and he is taller than his father. He is a little bit more serious too.


  • Speed: 7/10
  • Dribbling: 7/10
  • Ballcontrol: 8/10
  • Precision: 8/10
  • Blocking: 8/10
  • Shooting: 7/10
  • Passing: 10/10
  • Jumping: 6/10
  • Power: 7/10

Compared to his father, who was only good at passing and misdirection, Sugatai is a lot more versatile. In addition to his passing skills he is pretty good at dribbling, shooting or blocking as well.