So, you're the man who courted my sister... An upperclassman, eh? Well, fine by me. But if you made her cry or hurt her, know that my arrows never miss its target.

— Shirogane to Kasamatsu

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Shirogane Sakamoto
Lone Wolf
Name Shirogane Sakamoto
Kanji 坂本 銀
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Age 17
Height 185 cm (6'1")
Weight 70 kg (154 lbs)
Birthday May 10, Taurus
Blood type A
Professional Statistics
Team Meikō Junior High (former)


Job Athlete
Talent Precise Aim
First Appearance
Anime Yūichi Nakamura
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Shirogane Sakamoto (坂本 銀 Sakamoto Shirogane), or sometime known by his Irish name, Aodhfin O'Connell, is a second year kyūdō (Japanese archery) athlete at Yōsen High. He is the older twin brother of Kaijō High's basketball team manager, Chikane Sakamoto.


Shirogane bears a strong resemblance to his twin sister, Chikane, but his face and jaw line are sharper and he has more tougher and masculine look. He has short, slightly messy black hair with fringes which framed half of his face. His eyes are slanted and green in color. He's quite tall, standing at 185 cm. He has a physically fit and well-toned body. His skin are also pale, just like his sister. He is often seen with his training outfit; a white kimono and black hakama, and a three-fingered glove from deerskin to protect his hand. He's also seen in normal Yōsen uniform; a white formal shirt, gray checkered pants, red necktie, and black sweater.


Unlike the kind and sociable Himuro, Shirogane is a mysterious and cold young man who prefers complete solitude and is called lone wolf by his friends. He is not an active talker, and will only talk when it is necessary. Despite that, he's extremely popular among girls and receives a lot of love letters or merchandise from them. He is also famous for rejecting every girl who confessed to him with harsh words. Surprisingly, he's a blunt and straight-forward individual as he never hesitate to tell the others about what he thinks, but he still can control this side of him, unlike the very straight-forward Tomoki Tsugawa from Seihō High. He is also quite protective over his family, especially towards his sister, making him somewhat look like a kuudere.

Aside from being above average student in his class and ace of the kyūdō club, Shirogane is also unbeatable in fighting; during his freshman year in Yōsen, he beat ten upperclassmen in a fight, all by himself.


Shirogane was born in the City of Yokohama, located in Kanagawa Prefecture, to a Japanese man and Ireland woman as their first and oldest son. As a little boy, Shirogane is matured enough to understand that he is the oldest and had responsibility to protect his sister at any time. His relationship with his sister is not one based over rivalry in their early days; it was one with love before. The trigger over their rivalry is when Shirogane was forced to fight several junior high students to protect Chikane.





Precise Aim



Chikane Sakamoto

He shared a fierce sibling rivalry with his twin sister; one of the reasons why he chose to attend Yōsen. They always competing over anything and fought about almost everything. He never hesitate to call her sister 'washboard' or 'fanatic' whenever he's calling her. Despite that, he still care about his sister and often acts over-protective if there's any man trying to court her.

Yukio Kasamatsu

They met for the first time when Shirogane was coming home from Akita to spend his summer holiday with his family. When he sees Kasamatsu, he realized that it was the same little boy from back then who thought that Chikane was a boy. Shirogane smiled and proceeds to threatens Kasamatsu if he ever tried to hurt Chikane, much to Chikane's annoyance.


"I never miss my targets."


Gijin-shiro fire lord

Shirogane (using his Irish name, Aodhfin) cosplaying as fire mage.

  • His motto are "One target at a time".
  • His favorite food is Irish stew.
  • His hobby are making costumes for his cosplay modelling.
  • His specialty is photography.
  • His best subject is English.
  • He is in school library committee.
  • He spends his free time training, meditating or shopping for his next cosplay project.
  • He has a father, mother, and younger twin sister who attends Kaijō.
  • He dislikes cheesy romantic stories or dramas.
  • His favorite type of girl is someone who is not clingy.
  • He started kyūdō because his grandfather from paternal line was a kyūdō athlete in his youth.
  • He works part-time as a freelance cosplay model using his Irish name as an alias, and he has a lot of female fans.
  • Contrast to his cold personality, his Irish name (Aodhfin) actually means fire or fiery.
  • (Creator's pick) His theme song will be Raise your flag by MAN WITH A MISSION.


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