Ryū Toshiyuki
Ryu toshiyuki profile
Name Ryū Toshiyuki
Kanji 俊之龍
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Age 17
Professional Statistics
Team Seirin High
Talent Zone
First Appearance
Anime Takashi Kondo
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Ryu Toshiyuki is a player for Seirin's basketball team. He is also former team captain of Ryuko Junior High's basketball team.


Ryu Toshiyuki is a tall and fair skined teenage boy. His hair is short and dark blue (suspiciously similar to half the guys in the show). Ryu has eyes that are a dark shade of grassy green. He wears his school's normal uniform and the same goes for the basketball jersey.


Toshiyuki is known to have a split personality. One side of his personality is nice while the other isn't. He is usually a very kind person. He occasionally treats Kotone as if she were his younger sister. His split personality causes him to have a more aggresive side. His favorite snack is Pocky and, according to Kotone, if you take away his Pocky, he will start whining.



  • Ryu is one of the only non-genaration of miracles members with an abnormal color of hair.