The geniuses who were overshadowed by the Successors of the Miracles.

Royal Emperors

The 5 prodigies known as the Royal Emperors

The Royal Emperors is a group of basketball geniuses who are thought to be the only equal of the Successors of the Miracles. Despite being their equals, this group was overshadowed by the members of the SoM. If these players had been born at another time, they would have been hailed as miracles. They're individual skills were overshadowed by the collective efforts of Teiko Junior High. The Royal Emperors are also known as the Divine Kings.

The Royal Emperors were very different than the SoM because they played at different middle schools. Their identities was revealed in the prologue of the new series.


1. Point Guard- Ryūshun Chen

  • Talent: Dribbling
  • School: Emperor High                                           

2. Shooting Guard- Guoxing Chen

3. Small Forward- Keiki Teiguchi

  • Talent: On-Ball Defense and Contested Shots
  • School: Seiho High

4. Power Forward- Hirato Ming

5. Center- Raven Prince

  • Talent: Power
  • School: Yosen High