Overview of Plot

The Generation of Miracles.

They were a group of basketball prodigies who played basketball together in Teiko Junior High . They would all go on to excel in High School and eventually make it to the NBA . But the legendary Teiko Junior High had now become a joke. For the next 17 years, Teiko was one of the weakest basketball teams in Japan. The coach, Kozo Shirogane, was hoping for a miracle. He found his miracle in the form of five boys who were known as basketball geniuses. These boys became known as the "Ones to Succeed the Miracles" or the "Successors of the Miracles ".

After leading Teiko to three consectutive national championships, the SoM decided to battle each other by going to different high schools. They eventually graduated from Junior High and kept their promise. They all went to different high schools and began waiting for the upcoming battles.

Miracle Basketball (also known as Kuroko's Basketball 2) follows these five prodigies in their journey to lead their team to the title of "The Best Basketball Team in Japan".  


"Bzzzzzz", the phone vibrates. When he picks up the phone, a familiar voice calls out to him. "Hey Vindir, Byukushi has called a meeting at the Teiko gym!". Dazed, Vindir slowly hangs up the phone and quickly gets dressed. He runs out of the house in a flash and heads to Teiko Junior High. He knows he can't be late for this meeting because Byukushi has called it. Upon reaching the gym, the decided meeting place, Vindir sees five other figures standing near the back. "Well you're late" Xingke tells Vindir. "Cut me some slack Xingke" Vindir replied back, "Zerro told me at the last second". "Hey don't blame me if you're slow", Zerro tells Vindir lazily. "Shut up you fools", Byukushi calls out.