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Kutsuna Hayashida
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Name Kutsuna Hayashida
Kanji 林多久綱
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Age 16
Height 149cm. (4'11")
Weight 59kg. (131lbs.)
Birthday December 22, Capricorn
Blood type A
Professional Statistics
Team Yōsen
Job Tea Sampler
Talent Sorcery (allegedly)
First Appearance
Anime Ami Nanase
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Yes, I completely enjoy sipping my tea at 201 kilometers per hour.

Kutsuna Hayashida (林多 久綱), also called Tsuna (綱), is a 2nd-year student at Yosen High-School. A somewhat typical Yamato Nadeshiko, she began making food for some teams after seeing them play.


A petite and very short girl, Kutsuna has down turned hot pink eyes and chest length auburn hair pulled back with a black and hot pink ribbon, while her bangs swoop to the left, partially covering her eye.

Another normal hairstyle of hers is a ponytail pulled to the front on the right side with a black ribbon.

Her clothing style is very traditional Japanese, as she often wears a kimono in her home. When wearing casual things, or going out with friends, she wears warm and earthy colors and prefers not to wear lots of frills and lace.


Kutsuna is very kind-hearted and empathetic. She's loved by many for her calm, easy-going nature, and is very mature. Seijuro says her responsibility is beyond his expectations of someone her height. Kutsuna could also be described as a "Grandma" type person, as she tends to dote on other's worries or troubles.

She barely holds grudges and is generally tolerant and gentle. An academic genius with an IQ of 146, she is extremely confident in herself and abilities without overbearing ego.  

Because of how empathetic she is, she often leaves herself vulnerable. The "air of emotions" can often get to her, causing Tsuna to be sad, or full of any other emotion that the masses are feeling. Aside from the coaches, she acts as emotional support and guidance at many times, giving advice on coping with the disdain of losing and the confidence that comes with winning.


Taste Buds

In order to sustain her part-time job as a tea sampler, she keeps her taste buds "healthy and fresh" for reviews and sampling events.


She's very good at cooking, her best are being traditional Japanese style. She said that she's attempted to bake, but it didn't taste good to her.



Atsushi Murasakibara

Kagami Taiga



  • Her favorite dish is Tempura Udon
  • Her best school subject is Science due to the science behind tea sampling
  • She is in the school's Witchcraft (Occult) Club
  • She spends her free time napping and carving wood
  • The player she has her eyes on is Rinnosuke Mitobe
  • She has pity-dated someone