This is the wiki's Image Policy, if you upload or use any pictures for your fan-fiction character, they must meet these conditions:


  • The file can be in any format but not a low-quality image.
  • Images from manga must always be blanked out. This means that all the text in the bubbles or anywhere in the panel must be erased.
  • Images from the anime must not contain subtitles. Always upload RAW images from the episode.

Image rules

  • Rename the pictures before you upload it. Sometimes saved pictures are named out of completely random letters and numbers. Change them before you upload them. If you don't, the file will be moved, if not deleted.
  • Additional rules are applied on image if the image is not yours. If it is yours, you are allowed upload it without doing anything extra.
    • If it is from other artist, you need their permission before using it and credit is a must. Don't list Google as the artist, Google doesn't draw.
    • If it is from anime/manga, you need to list what is the name of the anime and list it in credit.


Any image that violates any rules above will be deleted immediately.

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