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SABAN Takahashi University
Chikane Sakamoto Takahashi University
Chikane Sakamoto (坂本 千歌音 Sakamoto Chikane), or sometimes known by her Irish name, Aileen O'Connell (アイリーン. オ. コンネル, Airīn o Koneru), is Kaijō High's second year manager Read more... Takahashi University (高橋大学, Takahashi Daigaku) is a famous international university in Tokyo. Read more...

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Kuroko no Basuke Fanon Wiki was founded in May 2012 by Bakurayuri and is a wiki where users can create their own characters, teams or stories, and where they are encouraged to collaborate together in roleplay. The goal is to promote creativity, fun and cooperation in order to improve this wiki and make it known worldwide!


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