Kira Senju
Name Kira Senju
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Age 17
Height 5'6
Weight RUDE!
Professional Statistics
Team None
Position Center
Job Basketball Player, Heir
Talent Speed
First Appearance
Manga None
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Kira is a young man of average height and has a slender build. He has whitish blonde hair and icey blue eyes. His face is what can be considered pretty and his pale skin is smooth and soft.



Kira was born into a rich family that owned a sports company. He grew up around sports and loves them but he loved basketball the most.His life was happy until his mother died when he was six and his father payed less attention to him and more to work. This was because his son reminded him of his mother too much. When he entered the high school basket team his father began paying more attention to him. He originally played for fun until his father started pushing him. He began working harder and harder to keep his dad's attention.