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I thank my teammates for letting their men blow by them


Kanpashi Aburasaki
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Name Kanpashi Aburasaki
Kanji 大きな男の男
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Age 16
Height 6'9(206cm)
Weight 226 pounds
Professional Statistics
Team Teiko Junior High, Seiho High
Position Center
Talent Blocking, Hook Shots
First Appearance
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Kanpashi Aburasaki (大きな脂肪, Aburasaki Kanpashi) is the Successors of the Miracles  center. He is the best interior defender in Japan and because of this he is nicknamed Skyhook (スカイフック, Sukaifukku) and Rim Protector (リムプロテクター, Rimupurotekutā). Aburasaki is such a defensive threat that even the ace of the Successors of the Miracles  has trouble bypassing him. Aburasaki helped Teiko Junior High win three consectutive championships in middle school. In high school, he became the ace for Seiho High. He is currently playing for Seiho High as an underclassmen at center.


Aburasaki is an extremely tall man who stands at 6'9. He has brown hair that comes down onto his forehead in the form of bangs. He has dark brown eyes and a unwavering gaze. He is a very non-expressive person who is known to have a neutral face at most times. A common exception to this is when Aburasaki gets mad. Aburasaki wears many different clothes but he is usually seen sporting a black sweater with a scarf and a pair of jeans. Aburasaki sports the number 4 on the court for unknown reasons.

Aburasaki in his usual Attire


Kanpashi is a very non-expressive character who barely talks. He will usually have a neutral face unless he is angry or playing basketball.