Kobe Universiade Memorial Stadium, where the competition takes place

Japan Junior Championships in Athletics (日本ジュニア陸上競技選手権大会, Nihon Junia Rikujō Kyōgi Sensyuken Taikai), or also known as Japan Junior Games, is an annual outdoor track and field competition, organized by Japan Association of Athletics Federations, that takes place during summer (in June or July) and is held at the Kobe Universiade Memorial Stadium.

The annual championships have a special meaning. During the games, athletes are selected for the Japanese team for the upcoming IAAF World Junior Championships in Athletics (which is largely determined from the results of these championships).

Yōsen High's lot of athletes also participates in this tournament, Kohaku Tommii being also a member of the team.


The Japan Junior Games include the following disciplines:


Participants List
School Athlete Gender Event Location Record Medal
Yōsen High Kohaku Tommii Female Discus Throw Kobe Universiade Memorial Stadium 69.01 m Silver


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