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James Willis

James Willis is an american Basketballplayer who learned professionnally how to play basketball. He plays almost at national level. He came to Japan because he once had a friend who lived there and he wants to find this friend. In addition, he had a strong will to build up a new team, so he chose to go to San Jinsei High School, a small and unknown school. He was a transfer student, so he only came when half of the games were already over. He is San Jinsei High's Ace and Power Forward


James has blue middle-long hair, he has a hight of 191 cm and he is pretty strong. He has an amazing ballcontrol.


  • Speed: 9/10
  • Dribbling: 8/10
  • Ballcontrol: 10/10
  • Precision: 7/10
  • Blocking: 7/10
  • Shooting: 10/10
  • Passing: 7/10
  • Jumping: 9/10
  • Power: 10/10