Captain Akio Shimada
Vice-captain Kenji Kugo
Coach Heihachi Naito
Manager Jiro Asano
Jersey color Black Gold White

Ironmen is a team in WFBA. The Naito Family were a member of this team during each of their prime the Naito Family were a former member of this team for 5 generations. Hiro Naito is the 6th Generation of the family and officially the latest.


Hiro and Great-Great Grandfather, Great Grandfather, Grandfather, Father, and Brother used to play in the basketball team. now Hiro and Hiroshi's Father is a coach here. WFBA consist of 100 rounds.

Great-Great Grandpa's 10 seasons:

Rookie: Lost in 12th Round

Sophomore: Lost in 3rd Round

3rd: Lost in 2nd Round

4th: Lost in 1st Round

5th: Lost in 3rd Round

6th: Lost in 3rd Round

7th: Lost in 2nd Round

8th: Lost in 5th Round

9th: Lost in 1st Round

10th: Lost in 2nd Round

He became a Hall of Famer after his retirement.

Great Grandpa's 10 seasons: As many fans says Hiro's Great Grandpa is better than his Great-Great Grandpa

Rookie: Lost in 4th Round

Sophomore: Lost in 10th Round

3rd: Lost in 2nd Round

4th: Lost in 5th Round

5th: Lost in 2nd Round

6th: Lost in 6th Round

7th: Lost in 2nd Round

8th: Lost in 2nd Round

9th: Lost in 6th Round

10th: Lost in 2nd Round

Hiro's Great Grandpa never lost in the first round he also became a hall of famer after his retirement.


Hiro is a player from year 2100 in which superpowers does exist in basketball. he was drafted first round second pick overall by the Ironmen even without superpowers or unbelievable talents Hiro Naito tries his best to beat every single player. WFBA consist of 100 rounds of tournament yes it's 100.


  • Tabito Maeda
  • Tomiichi Kogane
  • Kenji Kugo - Shooting Guard (Starting Lineup)
  • Atsumichi Ogami
  • Akio Shimada - Point Guard (Starting Lineup)
  • Kiyotaka Muriyama - Center (Starting Lineup)
  • Kenko Yamane
  • Hiro Naito - Small Forward (Starting Lineup)
  • Shirai Sakakibara - Center (6th Man)
  • Shuichi Arita - Power Forward (Starting Lineup)
  • Ryoma Komuro