For cheering you guys up, Ikarun will give a flying kiss, okay? Chu! Chu!

— Ikaruga Toshiie

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Ikaruga Toshiie
Pink Lady
Name Ikaruga Toshiie
Kanji 利家 斑鳩
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Age 16
Height 160 cm (5' 2")
Weight  ?? kg (??? lbs)
Birthday February 14, Aquarius
Blood type B
Professional Statistics
Team Kaijō High
Job Cheerleader
First Appearance
Anime Ayumu Murase
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Ikaruga Toshiie (利家 斑鳩, Toshiie Ikaruga) is Kaijo High's first year. He is the member of cheerleader team. Along with Kotone, Ikaruga taking care of boys' basketball club as assistant manager.


Ikaruga always gets misunderstood as a girl because of his doll-looking and feminine figure. He is fair-skinned, with pink big eyes, and peach bob-cut hair with asymmetrical side bangs and bunny ears on top of his hair.

Ikaruga usually seen in regular uniform, but his blazer sleeves is longer till covers his hands. As the footwear, Ikaruga wears a pair of red converse.



Ikaruga is charming and sweet person. He is cheerful, funny and mischievous young-male. He can be really childish like; complains about things that he hates or whine for something. Especially his female-looking face that makes him likes to act cute in front of everyone or even teased them. It makes he often described as a Pink Lady; Cute and Girly.

Surprisingly, in the middle school he was a innocent-nerd and clumsy. Even though he never left his crybaby behavior behind.

He started getting more confident when he was asked to replace injured cheerleader member for a while. Ikaruga turn to naughty and cheerful person after realized that he likes get attention from people.



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Kaijo High


Kotone Shirayuki



  • "The biggest reason why I decided to help basketball team is because of you, Hi-san."


  • The meaning of his given name is "dotted pigeon".
  • His username of social network is "bunny_ika"
  • According to the CHARACTERS BIBLE:
    • His motto is: "Be yourself!"
    • His favorite food is strawberry and cherry.
    • His hobby is eating and cross-dressing.
    • His specialty is aegyo
    • His best subjects is Art and Computer Science.
    • He spends his free time for updating his social network.
    • His type is ???
    • He loves collecting cute stuff. He has a lots animal stuffs in his room.
    • If Ikaruga had an alternate job it would be a Idol.
  • He likes to give a nickname for someone close with him. For example; Ikaruga calls Kotone "Hi-san" which it means "Princess" and call Shinya "Shin-tan-senpai".
  • He called himself "Ikarun".
  • He is craven, but he won't admit it. While he watched thriller movie with his teammates, he cried so loud and asking Kotone to escort him go back to his home.
  • (Creator's pick) His theme song will be Joker Dream, which it sung by his seiyū; Ayumu Murase
    • In a Q&A section, it is revealed that:
    • He has brother (Ikeda Toshiie)
    • His dream is had an 100 million followers on his social network.