Hagane Amano
Hagane Amano
Name Hagane Amano
Kanji 銀河天野
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Age 19
Height 195.58 cm (6'5" ft)
Weight 96.615 kg (213 lbs)
Professional Statistics
Team Seihō Academy (Former)
Position Power Forward
Talent Double Clutch

Animal Instinct

Pressure Defense



Agility and Speed


First Appearance
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Hagane Amano is the older brother of Rising Star, Ginga Amano. He's a former player at Seihō High and is currently playing college basketball.


Hagane is muscular teen, standing at 6'5 (195.58cm). He has straight silver hair that hangs in his face. He has bright blue eyes and a star expression. When he's first introduced, he wears a plain black tank top over black basketball shorts with a white tiger like design on them, along with white air forces. When playing in official games, he wears a gray and navy blue basketball uniform with a slim fitting short sleeved shirt underneath.

Outside the court, he wears a blue jacket over a black Seihō shirt, some faded black jeans and black boots.


Hagane is a very confident individual. He's always boasting about his accomplishments and what he can do. He does have a soft side for his teammates and will defend them out of instinct or habit.

He has a tendency to pick on people younger than him. Such as his little brother Ginga.

Like his brother, Hagane is very flirtatious. Following the same saying, "Every Girl is Beautiful."