The Five Dragons

The Five Dragons (ファイブドラゴンズ, Faibudoragonzu) is a former team in Teikō Junior High. This team consisted of five (originally six) basketball prodigies who lead Teikō to win three consecutive national championships. Each individual in this team possesses their own distinctive set of talents. All five basketball players of this team have graduated from Junior High School and are now facing each other in basketball while attending different High Schools. It is noted that Vanta Black is a former member of the team until he was kicked out by the Coach during his sophomore year due to his "lack of talent".


The Tower


The Tower

The Tower is a figurative image that only prodigies can climb. The only ones that are capable of climbing The Tower are so far the Five Dragons. If an individual that is not acknowledged as a genius attempts to climb The Tower, it's light will fade away and the individual will fall into a spiraling pit of darkness.

The Promise

The Promise is a term referring to the oath all five players and Vanta Black took during their Graduation Day. It is the agreement between the six players that they would emerge victorious in their upcoming battles and fight until the bitter end.



Name Position Talent
Mikado Bluebird Point Guard Third Eye
Shuiro Crimsoncastle Shooting Guard Trick Shots
Ace Silvers Small Forward Slashing
Takatora Greenstar Power Forward Rebounding and Extended Shooting Range
Kizaru Wilder Center Low-Post Offense and Defense

Former Players

Name Position Talent
Vanta Black Point Guard Shadow Presence