Daisuke Kasamatsu
Name Daisuke Kasamatsu
Kanji 大輔 幸男
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Age 16
Height 172.73 cm (5'8" ft)
Weight 71.214 kg (157 lbs)
Professional Statistics
Team Kaijo High
Position Point Guard
Talent Drive

Three Pointer

Ball Handling

First Appearance
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Daisuke is the younger brother of Yukio, former captain and point guard of Kaijo high. Once his brother left high school and went into college, Daisuke took over as the teams point guard.


Daisuke has short black hair that falls in his face. He has sharp steel blue eyes. He has an average height and build. While playing her wears the traditional kaijo uniform with the number 4 on it to keep his brothers legacy going. He wears two knee sleeves and regular height white socks.

Outside of the court, you often see him wearing a blue leather jacket over a white and orange sleeveless shirt, with baggy black pants and black and white sneakers. During the winter he's wearing a heavier version of his jacket and a long sleeved white shirt.


Daisuke is a calm and collected individual. He tries to think logically but sometimes fails when things not go to plan. He's very respectful and tries not to lose his cool. Daisuke is a stickler to the rules, he will follow every direction given to him exactly as it was stated.