You see… I have dreams too and now I have something more interesting and exciting to fight for.

— Akio Daidaihise talking about his goals

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Akio Daidaihise
Daidaihisa akio
Name Akio Daidaihise
Kanji 橙久昭夫
Vital Statistics
Gender Male
Age 17
Height Shōei: 199 cm (6'6" ft)
Kirisaki Daīchi: 209 cm (6'10" ft)
Weight Kirisaki Daīchi: 110.5 kg (243lb)
Birthday July 17th, Cancer
Blood type O
Professional Statistics
Team Shōei Junior High (Former)
Kirisaki Daīchi High (Former)
Team Devils
Position Center
Talent Copying
Technique Upgrading
Pressure Endurance
Speed and Flexibility
Animal Instinct
First Appearance
Manga N/A
Anime N/A
Vomic Mamoru Miyano
Anime Gō Inoue
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Akio Daidaihise (橙久昭夫, Daidaihise Akio) was the center of Kirisaki Daīchi High. He is currently training to become a member of the American basketball team Devils. He is determined to make a successful basketball career and to always be there for the ones he loves. He is nicknamed the "Orange Flash".


Akio is a fair-skinned young man, who has shoulder-length orange hair and eyes of the same colour. His ears and forehead are covered by a few hair strands. During practice, he ties his hair in a top knot with a red elastic band and uses a simple, red hairpin (borrowed from Sunako) to clip the hair strands that cover his forehead. In EXTRA GAME, Akio has his hair parted in the middle with two long hair strands framing his face.

He is very tall, measuring 209 cm. He has the same height as his coach. During practice, he wears a large, green T-shirt and white baggy or short pants. As footwear, he has a pair of black basketball shoes. While taking care of his daughter, Akio wears a simple outfit consisting of a black undershirt and grey baggy pants. He occasionally has a pink apron (a gift from his teammates) which he wears when doing housekeeping. During winter, he can be seen wearing a peach woollen blouse and a light brown jacket with a golden hoodie. During the friendly matches, Akio wears a red and black jersey with the no. 7 on it.


Akio is a two-faced individual who is driven by the desire to achieve his goals. He is a man of action, preferring to do things rather than think or discuss them. Sometimes, he can be seen daydreaming, looking straight through the others, thus Akio is often brought into his senses by the manager or by his coach. The power to think and act spontaneously is a major guiding force for him; he relies more on his intuition rather than reasoning when making decisions. Unfortunately, those decisions can have adverse consequences during his training or in matches, because he does not have a general overview of what would happen next.

Playing for Kirisaki Daīchi High for almost a year had a major influence on Akio. He became arrogant and considered that the dirty and foul playing style which the team used was a good way of achieving his initial goal. His desire and arrogance were fuelled by Makoto Hanamiya who discovered his other face (the cold-hearted and arrogant one) and encouraged him to continue playing this way. It was a challenge for him to break himself of this habit of foul playing during the training matches with his new team.

Even if Akio seems cold-hearted, he is, in fact, faithful and generous towards others and he hardly expects anything in return for his generosity and faithfulness.

Teppei Kiyoshi about Akio

Even if he seems cold-hearted at the beginning, Akio is big-hearted. He deeply admires and respects his friends and acquaintances and sometimes he tends to be quite emotional and protective towards his teammates. He has a keen sense of honor and respects his opponents, even though he sometimes holds grudges (which last for a few days) against those who have defeated him or who have stained his honor. Since he has no more other relatives (excepting his child), the player considers his teammates (plus manager and coach) his second family. He knows how to deal with the manager of the team and is able to cheer her up when she is sad. The center appreciates Sunako for her devotion and hard-work and also for her good cooking skills. He is really happy when she offers to take care of his daughter and house-keeping when he is too tired to do them. Alongside his teammates (excepting Sunako, their manager), Daidaihise tends to annoy their coach, Graham Murphy who always beats them to the pulp for their infantilism; Akio calls the other man ‘Mother Hen’ much to the latter’s annoyance.

Akio can be very moody sometimes. He is temperamental and his mood swings are quite unpredictable or fast-changing, sometimes irritating the others around him. On the one hand, he can be really energetic, optimistic and hot-blooded, especially when watching different or new playing styles during matches; he always comes up with new ideas on how to improve or increase the power and efficiency of the techniques he has just seen. On the other hand, during the process, Akio will rarely be hit by the fact that not all his ideas have a practical function; thus, he can become extremely pessimistic, considering himself a failure.

When enraged or provoked, Akio becomes quite competitive during a game. So, don't mess with him...

Makoto Hanamiya about provoking Akio

During a game, it is unclear what activates his competitiveness or how he does that. One possible explanation, provided by Sunako, regards his mood swings. When enraged, he tends to become imprudent and irrational, which is always reflected in his basketball style, in his movements. He is known for his steadfastness and fastness on the court and for his desire to prove that he is the best.


When he was a child, Akio’s parents died in a car accident because of slippery road conditions. Due to the fact that he did not have any other relatives to who could take care of him, the boy was placed in an orphanage in Tokyo.

He went to the same Junior High as Kiyoshi and was eventually invited by Taichi, who saw his height, athletic skills, and potential, to play for the school’s basketball club, telling him that he was a promising individual and future player. Playing in a few matches, Akio has fallen in love with the sport and decided to become an NBA player. Akio was ill, thus he did not play, when his team faced Teikō Junior High. However, he heard about Shōei's defeat and how his teammates were humiliated. During his last year, Akio got a scholarship for his basketball performance and eventually applied (and entered) for Kirisaki Daīchi.

During the preliminary finals of the Interhigh, Akio played until he was replaced in the fourth quarter of the game. As the match against Seirin High progressed, Daidaihise witnessed his teammates injured Kiyoshi. He was truly disappointed and felt bad for what happened to his former teammate. A few days after the game, Akio built up the courage to visit Kiyoshi and talk to him (and to deeply apologize for his teammates’ dirty playing style and what they did to him). As their conversation further advance, Akio confessed to his friend that he had received an invitation from an American manager, who watched his last match and saw his performance, to go and play for their team. He also told him that he saw this as a wonderful opportunity to fulfill his dream and was happy for a few moments when Kiyoshi approved his decision. At the end of the conversation, Daidaihise promised his former teammate that he is going to play not only to achieve this goal but also for him and for fun. He also wished him to get well soon and told him that they will keep in touch.

The next few days before his departure, Akio resigned from the basketball team of his High School, but not before being kicked by Hanamiya as a farewell. When he arrived in America, Akio was welcomed by Sunako Tommii at the airport. At a certain point, Akio became the legitimate father of a baby girl, whom he baptized Lateesha.



He is some kind of a photocopier, but he can only duplicate in black and white. After that, he just adds his own colors.

- Sunako describing in a childish way Akio’s copying and technique upgrading talents.

Physical Ability
Mental Strength
Special Ability
Akio Daidaihise Chart

Akio Daidaihise Chart


Technique Upgrading

Pressure Endurance

Speed and Flexibility

Animal Instinct

Akio vs murasakibara

Akio uses the Pressure Endurance on Murasakibara

Akio developed his pressure endurance during the first three weeks training alongside his new teammates and coach. It was quite a challenge for him to understand the method and it took so long because he had to build up his stamina and physical ability. The technique simply requires a great amount of energy and power to block another player. As Graham explained, the user just acts as a ‘defense wall’ in order to stop the other players from moving or receiving the ball. He used this ability against Yosen’s center, Atsushi Murasakibara, during a friendly match organized by their coaches. While using the pressure endurance on Murasakibara, Daidaihise resisted for a few minutes but was somehow overwhelmed by the latter’s natural ability and power.


Akio Zone vs Aomine

Akio enters the Zone while playing with Aomine

Zone is a state of being that Akio accesses for the first time during a match against Axel after he was enraged by the latter’s words. He wanted to show and prove to the other that he sincerely loves basketball and that he plays and seeks to improve his style in order to achieve his goals. However, due to his imprudent and irrational behavior when angered, Daidaihise cannot make full use of this state. As Aomine noted, during the friendly match between Tōō Academy and Team Devils, when Akio entered the Zone, he quickly wasted his stamina, which allowed him to keep this state for a few minutes.

When Daidaihise opens the gates of the Zone, his power grows substantially and his speed increases and due to this, he received the nickname of ‘Orange Flash’ from Graham.


Teppei Kiyoshi

Akio and Teppei went to the same Junior High and were both invited by Taichi to play for the school’s basketball club. While studying there, Akio formed a close friendship with the brown-haired player. He even started to see him as a brother-figure in order to compensate the lack of his parents and other kin; when their team was defeated by Teikō Junior High, Akio tried his best to cheer them up, especially Kiyoshi.

After he graduated Junior High, Akio still kept in touch with the other and met up with him on the basketball court. Daidaihise was disappointed when his Senior High teammates injured his former partner and felt bad for what happened to him. To console his ex-teammate, Akio visited Kiyoshi in the hospital and apologized sincerely for what happened. Because Kiyoshi was the only friend he trusted, Akio told the Seirin player about the invitation he received from the American manager. He also promised the brown-haired player that they will keep in touch and wished him to get well soon. As promised, he kept in touch with the other and told him about how the Americans are, about his new team, manager and coach, even about his daughter. Akio also sent a photo with him and his team and a short description of each teammate to Kiyoshi.

Makoto Hanamiya

Akio and Hanamiya have a difficult relationship; however, they respect each other for their abilities. During his first year as a Kirisaki Daīchi player, Akio liked to fool around with Hanamiya and to study with him at the library. Sometimes his easy-going personality pissed off the last and got kicked for this. Like his other teammates, Daidaihise respected Makoto’s orders, and mostly influenced by the other, he adopted the dirty and foul playing style. Akio founds his captain’s mischievous-looking cute and likes to make fun of him due to this trait.

Team Kirisaki Daīchi

Akio’s relationship with his former team can be described as strange; he sometimes liked to fool around with his ex-teammates and at times he was disgusted by their attitude and actions. For example, he hated Hara’s dry remarks, but liked to share bubble gum with him. He is kind of scared by Kōjirō’s blank black eyes and finds them disturbing.

Sunako Tommii

Akio Sunako

The Akio-Sunako dynamics: The player is bored about his manager's wish to test new wrestling move on him

Akio met Sunako for the first time at the airport, where she welcomed him and offered to be his guide in the American state. She was also the first to introduce him to the rest of the team and the first who accepted his sexual orientation. Because they share the passion for basketball and wrestling, Akio sees his manager as his older sister and often calls her Big Sister (お姉さん, Onēsan) or sometimes just Ko-chan. More than that, he accepts when she tries to ‘hit break’ his ribs or when she tests new wrestling moves on him, being more concerned about the bruises than the fractures.

Like the rest of his teammates, the orange-haired player appreciates Sunako for her cooking skills and for her devotion to the team. Daidaihise is quite fond of her Ability Scan talent and follows her advice when it is necessary. During matches, he lets Sunako to take care of his daughter, Lateesha. He is also aware of his manager crush on him, but he cannot share the same feelings.

Deborah Smith

Akio Deb1

Akio and Deborah - collab with Irina

Akio and Deborah Smith met for the first time during the Winter Cup finals, at the Seirin High vs. Rakuzan High match. He saw her management abilities and suggested Grammy and the team to recruit her as their second manager, later when she will graduate from high school. After dating for a few years, Akio and Deborah decided to marry each other; they also became the parents of a boy: Shigeo Daidaihise. The player is happy that Deborah accepted his daughter, Lateesha.

Team Devils

The player sees his new team as the family he never had. Akio is very fond about his new teammates and especially about their dreams. He respects their abilities and dedication and tries to his best to live up their expectations. Daidaihise appreciates their help and support in raising his child, Lateesha, and sometimes he seeks for their help when he cannot. He relies in particular on the help Ezra and Darryl offer him.

Like his teammates, Akio tends to annoy their coach and they often get kicked for their infantilism. Together with Ezra, he likes to make fun of their captain, Alim, whom they somehow respect. They even concoct pranks in order to make him look ridiculous. At a certain point, when Grammy asked where Alim was, they told him bluntly that they threw their captain in the pool, because they wanted to see if the black-skinned player floated. Because of his unpredictable mood swings, Akio tends to annoy the others around him, but Axel calms him down every time. The orange-haired player is thankful for this to his teammate.


  • "It's not my fault that you act like a Mother Hen, Grammy-san!" (to Graham Murphy)


  • The kanji 橙 (Daidai) in his name means orange, hinting to his hair color and 久 (Hise) is a suffix placed after the stem of a word and means longevity or ancient. His forename comes from the Japanese 昭 (Aki) bright combined with 夫 (O) husband or man. Thus, his name may translate as ancient orange, while his surname as bright man.
  • His parents' names were Iwao (巌) and Chō (蝶). His father was a lepidopterist, while his mother was a geisha, who retired from her profession to marry Iwao.
  • His parents died in a car accident; after that, Akio was put in an orphanage where he lived until he was 16 years old.
  • He likes to hang out with different girls or boys he met in clubs.
  • He currently enjoys Classical music, while in the past he liked Heavy metal music.
  • While he was young, he tried to do a stage diving while listening to Heavy metal. He climbed on his closet and jumped from there on the bed, but unfortunately, he hit the bedside.
  • He has a distant cousin named Yukari Nagamine (Maria Ionescu).
  • Akio addresses his teammates by their surnames because he considers them his family.
  • According to the CHARACTERS BIBLE:
    • He is bisexual.
    • If Akio had an alternate job it would be a stripper.
    • His favorite food is key lime pie.
    • His hobby is visiting different gay bars.
    • His specialty is making insectariums.
    • His motto is "From possibility to actuality".
    • He is afraid of syringes.
    • His type of person is somebody that accepts his sexual orientation and his daughter. Ironically, Sunako fits his requirements, but he only sees her as his older sister, despite the latter's attempts to make him fall in love with her.
    • He is in a relationship with Deborah Smith (Haruka Sasaki).
  • According to KUROFES:
    • The player he has his eyes on is Teppei Kiyoshi.
    • He was a member of the Biology club.
    • He wishes to become a comedian after he will retire from his basketball career.
    • He is an Orthodox Christian.
    • He has a legitimate daughter named Lateesha. However, he is the one who takes care of her because she was abandoned by her mother.
  • Akio reached the highest score in Just Dance due to his copying ability. His favourite dances are Gimme Gimme Gimme (ON STAGE) and Can't Hold Us. He often provokes Ezra to dance with him and he always beats him. When playing with Axel they often dance the Teacher (Alternate version).
  • In a role-playing game, Akio and Deborah are married and having a son named Shigeo, who has heterochromatic eyes (his left eye is orange, while his right eye is blue).
  • In a Q&A, it is revealed that:
    • His daughter's mother's full name is Donnisha Bustamante.
    • His Orthodox Christian name is Logan.